Friday, January 24, 2020

ripe pineapple with yellow cone and sunglasses

                                  Accountability Friday- 1/24/20

It's time to praise yourself! Show Off!
     Tell us your accomplishment of the week.
                 Whether it was small (Wrote a word, sentence...etc)
Or big (Wrote a chapter, or two)
         Or just clearing a writing space for yourself
                                     Something you did that forward your progress in your writing.
You did it!


  1. My brag is I finished chapter 6 of my second novel and posted it on google groups for ya'll to enjoy.

  2. I wrote a poem about the sentimentality of moving and leaving behind a home that is loved and that holds so many special memories in its’ walls. I look forward to sharing with the group but will leave a short excerpt here for now.

    Talking Walls
    There she goes, talking all fanciful to you again
    Meeting with that place inside you that holds
    those visions sacred of how life should be.
    Speaking to the part of you that loves so
    Elder homes and talking walls...

    Megan Dunkelberger